Zante 2021 – Event Start Dates

We hope everyone is looking forward to what we hope will be an amazing Summer in Zante, below is all the information you need on all the big Zante 2021 event start dates.
As many of you know there is still a lot of uncertainty around the first few months of Summer and the restrictions around travel to and from Zante. With little information actually being provided to the travel and events industry we have taken the decision to push back our Zante 2021 event start dates to the 26th of June 2021.
Firstly it’s important to express this decision was not taken lightly. But there has been a number of different reasons why we feel this is the right move for us as a company.
We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best possible product, even during restrictions in 2020 we still ran safe, enjoyable and unforgettable experiences for our customers. The lack of advice on travel and restrictions that will be in place simply doesn’t give us enough time to prepare for our original start date of the 29th of May.
Holiday providers and tour operators have also made this decision slightly easier to make for us. As we are sure a lot of you will have already found Jet2 have cancelled all holidays until the 24th of June. Jet2 provide the largest proportion of customers to the island, as well as other companies who have been slimming down their flight schedules and canceling flights regularly. Without the customers in resort the events simply aren’t viable before the 26th of June.
Another factor in this decision was the low amount of guests actually booking early dates. From our numbers bookings up to the 26th of June makeup less than 5% of our overall bookings to date. We don’t feel comfortable running smaller events for guests who have booked before that date and don’t want any negative feedback from our customers due to low numbers on events.
We are seeing from the 26th of June onwards extremely large amounts of guests booking with some events in July and August being close to sold out online. This leans towards the season slightly changing for this Summer, where in previous seasons Zante would be busy from mid June to mid August with July being peak season. It seems to be the case that for 2021 the season’s peak will come later than usual. We are expecting a shorter but largely busier season over July and August.
As ever we will be providing refunds as per our Covid-19 cover to affected bookings. If your event booking is before the 26th of June then please get in touch with us directly through the live chat feature in the bottom right of your page!
Finally we would like to say that this decision is a precaution, we don’t want to run sub par events for our customers. We are extremely confident that from the 26th of June we will be running all our events weekly and no bookings after that date will be affected. Our advice to anyone still yet to book your events or holidays would be to book for July or August, even early September is looking busier than ever before. Your holidays and events are always covered by Covid-19 cover meaning you will get a full refund if they are cancelled so get booked as soon as possible and we will see you very soon in Zante! As always we will keep you as up to date as possible, as and when we receive the latest information.
See you this Summer #Zante2021
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