A holiday to Zante can be the most incredible experience of your life. It can also be expensive if you don’t plan ahead. As experts in the party capital, we’ve put together a simple guide to saving money on your Zante holiday…

Events happen every week, but the popularity of Zante means the best sell out quickly – especially VIP spots. If you’ve finished pre-drinking and you’re ready to party but are left queuing to get into a club, you’re likely to pay the highest prices to get in. Pre-booking early bird tickets can save you lots of money – so make a list of the events you want to go to and get them booked as early as possible. Take a look here to see some of the best events in Zante.

At first, having to buy a wristband for more than the cost of single entry may seem like a rip off. But with most of the clubs in Zante playing host to more than one epic night per week, you’ll end up visiting repeatedly during your trip. CherryBay, for instance, hosts a weekend event where it’s open until 8am. It also hosts Glitter ‘N’Gold and it’s even the official after party venue for the Full Moon Party, and who wants to miss that? Since you’ll be attending more than once, a wristband bought online for the club will save you up to €35!
Of course, our Zante Mega Deal includes free entry to CherryBay, Pure Zante,  Zeros and more, making it the best way to save on your holiday. Read on to find out more…

Nobody can come to Zante without attending some of the epic events that occur each and every week. From Full Moon parties to boat party extravaganzas, there’s too much happening to miss out on. If you wait until you arrive in Zante and buy tickets individually, you’ll end up spending all of your money fast.
Instead, you can save massive amounts of money by booking an event package. , for example, provides huge savings and gives you entry into the best, most unmissable events in Zante. Starting at just €135, our deal includes tickets to the Full Moon Bar Crawl, Danny T at CherryBay, Tom Zanetti at Pure, Champagne Spray and the incredible Tidal Boat Party. These events alone are worth €155 – but you also get FREE ENTRY to four different clubs for the entire week, VIP access to select clubs and exclusive drink discounts! You’ll also get the official Zante Discount wristband, giving you uptown 50% off in bars/restuarants/clubs and even tattoo shops. That means in total, you can save hundreds of euros on your holiday – all from one deal, making our offer the best way to save money in Zante.
Ready to take advantage of our deal? Click here to learn more.

At clubs like CherryBay and Pure Zante, drink tokens make it a lot easier to budget your money and therefore help you save. Also, the more of them you buy, the more free merchandise you’ll receive! If you buy these in bulk with your group, you’ll be kitted out from head to toe in no time just for buying drinks.

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