This Page is here to help answer that age old question… “Where should we stay?”

Are you looking for the perfect hotel for your trip to Zante this summer? We may have the answer for you that will save you trawling through the likes of Airbnb or Trip Advisor, reading a bad review, and crossing the place off your list, we all do it. 

At Holiday Box Office, we work alongside a few very reputable hotels on the island, hotels that we have worked with for over 15 years in some cases. This means we know them personally, we know how they operate and we know how many of their guests return year on year for the high quality service and accommodation.

Most hotels in Zakynthos are family run businesses, or at least they started that way, and that’s the beauty of them, the family all work together for 6 months of the year to ensure you guys have the best possible time. As Zante has exploded in popularity over the last 20 years or so, the demand for hotels has increased a lot, every year there are new hotels being built and older hotels being refurbished to keep up with the resorts overall quality and high standards.

Of course, like with anywhere, there are some places to avoid… The ones that haven’t seen a lick of paint since Laganas was a quiet fishing village in the south of the island. But we’re not here to focus on them, we’re only going to give you the good stuff.

Hotel Atlantis

This is our favourite hotel in Zante, that should say enough… It’s run by Nikos and his family and they pride themselves on being one of the most modern, high quality hotels in Laganas.

Every hotel we feature on our website has been tried and tested, we know them well, we know the family, we have worked with them for a long time and we can personally vouch for you having a great time, rather than worrying you’ve booked the hotel from The Inbetweeners Movie.

We will only add a hotel to our website when we can absolutely guarantee all of the above, so the list may not be extensive to start with, but it will grow as we move towards the summer months. 

We’ve only just started this little side project in 2021, after such a shocking year for tourism, we wanted to give back to the hotels that were hit hard by coronavirus, and at the same time give our customers (you guys) peace of mind when booking somewhere to stay.

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We’ll update this page with more hotels as soon as we have prices and availability



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