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Zante Boat Parties

Ride the waves and down some shots on Zante Boat Parties around Zante. Whether you’re boarding a smaller ship to down shots with your friends or a bigger party boat, you’ll enjoy blasting tunes, plenty of sunshine and experiences that will last forever. But with lots of Zante boat parties to choose from, click on the photo for our recommendations.

Zante Pool Parties

Pool Parties are a great way to mingle with other partygoers and range from relaxed poolside vibes to full-blown party extravaganzas with headline artists. Book one of our Zante pool parties and the only question you’ll have left is, who brought the pink floating flamingo?

Zante Pool Parties
Zante Club Events

Zante Club Events

When the sun sets, there’s nowhere you’d rather be than at Zante’s best club events. Top DJ’s, awesome drinks, VIP table options and an electric atmosphere combine to create the best nights of your entire life with one of our Zante club events.

Best Zante Events 2023

Zante Events

Jetting off to Zante? Make your trip unforgettable by finding the best Zante events 2023, right here at Holiday Box Office.

Welcome to Zante, Europe’s hottest party destination, attracting thousands and thousands of young partygoers each and every year. On the sun-kissed beaches, every day is a party. From bouncing boat parties to beach raves, there are tons of events to choose from. But with so much going on, how do you make sure your trip is the best it can be?

By booking your Zante events 2023 tickets directly with us, you can quickly discover and book the coolest parties happening in Zante, making your holiday the highlight of the summer.

All these amazing events sell out quickly, so you’ll have to book early to avoid missing out. We help cut the cost by providing customisable event packages from just €99 so you can enjoy your pick of the most immense parties available during your trip.

Our value for money on your Zante events 2023 is better than ever – so not only do you save money on your holiday, you also get to enjoy the best possible parties in Zante at a fraction of the price.

Zante’s one of the hottest youth destinations in Europe and for good reason. With cheap drinks, bright sunshine and some of the best pubs, clubs and venues in the Med, it’s a great place to spend your summer. But with so much going on, it’s important you pick only the most amazing events that make your holiday the best it can be.

Zante Event Packages

Our event packages are the stuff of legend. Since 2018, Zante Mega Deal outsold every holiday company in Zante, and thousands of customers had the best holiday of their lives. Starting from €99 our packages give you the pick of events during your time in Zante to ensure you don’t miss out on awesome boat parties, Pool Parties or club nights. We’ve hand selected Zante’s top events and created a package rivalled by no other, with an exclusive combination of Tidal Boat Party, Pure Zante and CherryBay, you simply can’t go wrong. After the shit show that was 2020 and 2021, 2022 was the best up to date BUT we’re set to make 2023 the greatest summer of all time.


Whether it’s a boat party, pool party, club night or anything else, choose Holiday Box Office to book your Zante event tickets and enjoy superior customer service, the best possible deals and access to some of the most legendary parties Zante has ever seen. If you have any questions while on our website, all you have to do is click on the messenger icon in the bottom right of this screen, and one of our team will help you as soon as possible.



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