How do i get a job in Zante?

get a job in Zante

As Summer 2022 draws closer, and the actual possibility of a return to normality is looking more and more likely, we’ve been inundated with job requests.

So things have changed a little since the last proper summer in Zakynthos (2019) and the most significant thing in regards to working in Europe, is Brexit.

The law now states that UK citizens, can spend upto 90 days in the Shengen Area (Europe) within a 180 day period. So if you were thinking of jetting off as early as April to spend 6 months in the sun and expecting to get a job in Zante, think again. Unless of course your employer has arranged your Greek papers, or you are an EU Citizen yourself.

Peak Season in Zante runs for the duration of June/July/August, which means if you time it right, you shouldn’t miss out on too much of the action. There are ways to extend the 90 day period when you’re in Zante, but normally only for extenuating circumstances, so don’t rely on this.

That being said, bars, clubs, events and venues will all be looking for staff soon. At Holiday Box Office, we’re looking for all sorts of people for all sorts of job roles, from the office staff to the sales team. Check out our Jobs Page  for all the info and to fill out an application form.


One thing to be slightly wary of is ‘Work Abroad Companies’. Although some will genuinely offer you some help along the way how to get a job in Zante, and some cheap accommodation, they won’t be able to make you legal to work in Greece or be able to bypass the 90 day rule. Your best option is to reach out to businesses yourself in order to guarantee an offer of work.

As always, if you are looking to work in Zante, or have any questions, just slot us a message using the messenger icon and we’ll do our best to help.

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