What I Need To Know About Zante

Caretta caretta - What i need to know about Zante

What I need To Know About Zante

Zakynthos or Zante as it’s commonly known is without doubt one of Greece’s most beautiful islands.

Laganas is the party town on the island, catering to 18-30 year olds from the UK & plenty of other European nations including Sweden, Italy and The Netherlands.

Thereare a few reasons Laganas has become the number 1 destination for clubbers and partygoers across the Mediterranean in recent years, so here they are.

1 – Instagram:
The bars and clubs in resort are constantly reinventing themselves, they’re not afraid to spend money so top venues seem to get better annually. They’re perfect for those Instagram snaps that make everyone at home jealous.

2 –  Brand New:
Considering Laganas has been a party resort for well over 30 years, it has that unique ability to feel brand new. There are new venues opening every year and old venues turning into new ones. It means the resort stays current and it’s popularity keeps growing.

3 – Beach Clubs:
These have been all the rage in recent years, and especially since Covid-19 took hold of the nightlife industry. It’s all about the daytime now, and Laganas itself boasts a beach club for every day of the week, including Pure Zante.

4 –  Boat Parties:
Once again, boat parties have become a driving force in entertainment over the last 10 years, and for good reason. Zante hosts some of the most famous boat parties in Europe, have you even been to Zante if you haven’t been on Tidal?

Zante Airport
5 – Airport:
Zakynthos has upgraded and built a new airport in recent years, it’s actually decent, unlike the shed’s you find on some Greek islands. The best part is, it’s only 10 minutes from Laganas, meaning after all that
travelling, you’re pretty much at your hotel/villa once you’ve left the airport.

6 – Beaches:
Home to one of the most photographed beaches on the planet, travellers come from far and wide for a photo with ‘The Shipwreck’ at Navagio. The island is scattered with some unbelievable beaches, so make sure you take some time to visit them.

7 – Events:
Big DJ’s, big artists and big celebrities frequent Zante on a weekly basis to perform and experience what Laganas has to offer. Whether you want a boozy brunch, a club night, a festival, or a simple bar crawl, you’ll find it here. For the full experience make sure you check out Zante Mega Deal.

8 – SpeedBoats:
Without doubt, the number 1 thing to do on the island is to rent a private, self drive speedboat. You can go exploring while at the wheel of your own boat, cliff jumping, secret beaches, turtle spotting or just your own private boat party, the options are endless. Zante is the only place you can do this! Check out our friends at ZanteSpeedBoats.com for more information.

9 – Turtles:
Home to nesting Caretta Caretta Turtles, Zante is 1 of only 3 nesting beaches in the world. It means you can literally walk out into Laganas Bay and swim with turtles. Just please don’t touch them as they are a very protected species.

10 – Something for Everyone:
As you can probably tell from the points above, Zante has something for everyone. Whether you’re 17 years old and going on your first lads/girls holiday, or retired and looking for relaxation and beauty, Zakynthos delivers every time.

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