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zante beaches Xigia beach
zante beaches navagio shipwreck
Navagio Beach Shipwreck

We’re sure there are loads of you that have already been searching on Google for the best beaches Zante beaches. Hopefully you won’t have to go much further as we’ve done all the hard work for you. This blog will highlight the most beautiful beaches on the island. From one of the most photographed and famous beaches on the planet, Navagio (The Shipwreck) to a hotspot for water sports and action in Vasilikos, we have it all. So no matter which resort you’re staying in on the iconic island of Zakynthos, you won’t be too far from your perfect beach.

Let’s start with Navagio, it’s officially the most photographed beach in the world. It’s located in the very North of Zante but being a relatively small island, you are never more than 45 minutes drive from it. If you want that famous photo, you’ll need to head to the view point, on the cliff edges above the hidden cove where you can look down into the perfect turquoise water and snap away. This is by far the most popular thing to do, however, if you want to get some sand between your toes, you’ll need to book a boat trip. Boats leave from the neighbouring resort of Porto Vromi almost hourly throughout the day. If you want to take a trip from further afield there are often 2-3 trips a day depending on how far away your closest harbour is. It’s well worth a visit, even if only for that  Instagram picture.

zante beaches st nikolas beach flyfish
St Nikolas Beach Watersports

For those of you seeking a little more action, there are 2 Zante beaches in very close proximity to each other that offer all sorts of adrenaline filled water sports. Jet Ski’s, Hover Boards, Paragliding, Crazy Sofa’s or your classic Ringo’s are available as well as a whole lot more. For this, you’ll need to head to either St Nicolas Beach or Banana Beach, both situated in the resort of Vasilikos. There are free buses daily from most resorts that leave hourly with multiple pick up points, just ask in your hotel on arrival and someone will be able to help. It’s a great day out and well worth making the trip, with some stunning scenery and beautiful views en route.


Our next tip, is probably our favourite beach on the whole of Zante. With miles of golden sand, warm, calm, crystal clear water that shelves out without ever getting too deep and surrounded by mountain views that put you in paradise. Of course, we’re talking about the resort of Alykes. We often spend days off sat at Paporo Beach Bar with not a care in the world. It’s never over crowded, the food is great and the atmosphere can’t be beaten.

zante beaches caretta caretta baby
Kalamaki Beach Baby Turtle

If you’re a big fan of marine life then you have to visit the bays of Laganas & Kalamaki, they are 1 of 3 nesting beaches in the world for the Caretta-Caretta Turtle (Loggerhead) and if you’re lucky you can literally walk into the ocean and swim with these beautiful protected creatures. It’s an absolute must-do while in Zakynthos. Our advice would be to find them yourselves, rather than going on another crowded Turtle Spotting trip where they end up being surrounded by boats and can’t be very pleasant for them. Please remember, they are a protected species on these Zante beaches and there are laws against touching them.

zante beaches Xigia beach
Beautiful Xigia Beach

Another Insta famous beach spot is the small but perfectly formed Xigia. It’s a very small and well hidden pebble beach, and it smells of eggs due to the sulphur content of the cold water… So why is it so popular? It’s simply beautiful, high rock cliffs either side make you feel like you’re separated from the world as you dive through the waters and take refuge in a small nearby cave. It’s more of an experience for a quick dip than a day at the beach, but what an experience it is.  

There are a plethora of beaches scattered all over Zakynthos but you’d be reading for days if we listed them all. What we’ve outlined above is a nice mixture of beaches across a number of different Zante resorts. There’s something there to suit everyone, from the adrenaline seeking teen to the Instagram influencer and everything in between. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to visit a few of them on your next trip to the island, and if you have any questions, you know where we are.

** While we’re on the subject of beaches, Laganas is a resort that is home to a number of great beach club venues and how can we not mention Pure Zante. If you want some 5* treatment or just the biggest events on the island, be sure to check them out here… In between your beach trips of course.

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