Pure Zante – Live Stream – 29/05/20

Breaking News from the Pure Zante camp as the time ticks down to what would have been their summer 2020 Opening Party here in Zante.

The team have decided that the show must go on and have put together 2 hours of entertainment to coincide with the exact time they should have launched their 2020 season. Friday 29th May at 16:00 UK time.

Resident DJ duo So23 will be taking to the decks and spinning all those daytime tunes that Pure Zante has become famous for over the last 5 years. They’ll also be a surprise special guest dropping in to say hello via the wonders of modern technology.

Pure Zante will be throwing out prizes throughout, including FREE event tickets and packages, merchandise, and other bits and pieces, so make sure you’re ready to interact, comment and share the live stream.

With the UK weather set to be a soaring 25 degrees, it will actually be hotter than Greece, so if you have a garden, a balcony or even just an open window, make yourself a cocktail, crack open a cold beer, sit back and enjoy the show.

You can catch the live stream by clicking RIGHT HERE from 16:00 on Friday or get a reminder by clicking THIS LINK NOW and following the instructions.

See you all at Virtual Pure Zante to kick the summer off in style!

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