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Holiday Box Office Zante events 2022

Hopefully restrictions start to ease off in Greece over the coming weeks and events can start to operate to some extent of normality soon.

As it stands, and in line with Greek law, most club and bar events are not possible, whatever anyone else may tell you (except Tidal boat Party). Therefore in the interest of honesty and integrity, we have taken them off sale for now. Existing bookings will remain valid until you arrive in resort. As soon as we are 100% confident an event can go ahead, and we can deliver the high standards we are used to, we will open up online bookings again.

We will still be operating Tidal Boat Party starting on Saturday 10th July and then every Wednesday after that. Any existing Tidal bookings may be allocated a new date, so please keep an eye on your emails and text messages.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Zante this summer and hope we can help to deliver the holiday of a lifetime, like we have for so many thousands of you since 2014.

Ben Jackson
Holiday Box Office

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